Mama Bear

Mama Goodnow has been a part of Goodnow Family Farm since the very start, taking care of business and making sure things are running properly in the home and at the farm. Being a Farmer/Mother/Farmers Wife/Full time worker is extremely difficult, but Mama Goods makes it seem easy.


Mr. Does it all

Matthew works day and night to make sure that Goodnow Family Farm produces tasty, nutritious food year round. He is the Chief of the New Paltz Rescue Squad, Volunteer Chief of the Gardiner Fire Dept. But most of all Dad to 5 wonderful kids and hundreds of animals. Matt was raised on a farm and in fact on many farms. Matts parents raised Clydesdales traveling the east coast competing in horse shows. They enrolled Matt in 4h and he has raised all sorts of animals. Dr. Lyle Goodnow is Matt's Grandfather, Matt spent his childhood riding around the countryside taking care of animals big and small. Matt has followed his family's footsteps and dedicated his life to helping people and animals.



Dads right hand man

Jordan is not afraid of hard work and proves it daily. We couldn’t have asked for a better Son. He started out learning about animals at the age of 3. He was so small then and had so much to learn. Jordan’s attention in school and life is a challenge. However when at home with his animals he was able to be himself, take care of his animals and love them. He has grown into Matt’s right hand man. He knows how to fix almost everything on the farm, he can catch any animal that manages to escape out of their pasture, he has learned to do hay for the animals with his dad. Jordan has over the years been part of rescuing and saving farm animals. His muscles are great when we are trying to help pull a calf that is being born and their mom needs help. He has learned proper nutrition for the farm animals and also the logistics of raising/selling our farm raised meat in order to sustain the farm. We are super proud of our son!


Our rising star

Jasmine isn't seen around the farm much anymore. That is because she is full time in school making us proud. She is working towards her goal of becoming a Doctor. Jasmine has always loved animals especially our matriarch cow Calais who is her Award winning Supreme Dairy Cow.



Our Peanut

Maddison is our toughest daughter she is up for anything. Her favorite thing to do is ride. She competes in a local barrel racing circuit. Maddison has been loving and raising animals since she was in her diapers. With her Mothers sweetness and Fathers grit she is going places.


Chicken Whisperer

Hope is the youngest of the twins by 5 minutes (they always have to make that fact known lol). She is a great helper when it comes to chores. Her favorite springtime activity is letting the baby chicks start their first few weeks of life with her carefully watching them. Collecting the daily eggs is always exciting for her to compare the sizes and colors of what has been laid by the girls. Hope loves her donkeys especially Molly who is the grandma on the farm at 35 years of age! If an animal needs TLC, Hope will make sure they get it. She is known as the chicken whisperer as she always walks around with a chicken in her arms, talking to it and calming them down. If there is an opportunity to take a calf in the car for a ride or sneak a new one home she is always ready!



Pudgy Bear

Grace also known as pudgy bear since she was an infant has the strongest personality in the whole family. She is proud and strong. Grace was recently diagnosed with a spectrum disorder, making the animals and farm her safe place. She not only knows each and every animal by name, but she also knows their favorite treats.


Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Veterinarian, Mentor

Grampy(Dr. Lyle Goodnow) started it all. He enrolled and ran the 4h club for his three sons. Then Scott his oldest son did the same with his four sons. Matthew being the oldest Son/Grandson was lucky to get the first round of attention. Grampy at 83years old is still actively involved in the farm and daily life. He teaches all generations the most important lessons in life. He has dedicated his life to helping people by helping animals.